Mike Delaney Blues is a touring band based in Atlanta,GA. Starting with a recipe of traditional blues, Mike mixes in some
rock, funk, and soul to serve up a performance of  "blues with an attitude."

ABOUT MIKE DELANEY:  It has been over forty years since Mike Delaney first picked up the guitar and decided to play.
Since then, he has played blues, soul, funk, rock, jazz, and rhythm and blues from Los Angeles to Atlanta and has
performed with the likes of Huey Lewis, James Harman, Johnny Castle, Sandra Hall, Ed Friedland, Jim Krueger, Lori
Davidson, and John McKnight. Complimenting Mike onstage these days is an "A" list of fine musicians.

Mike now resides in the Atlanta area where he splits his time between the band, his family, and his guitar shop where he
builds custom electric guitars under the “Delaney Guitar” brand. You can visit his website at